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As an ophthalmology leader in Altoona, we thought it was time to refresh our website! If you haven’t visited it in a while, it’s new and improved, with the goal of easy patient accessibility. Keep reading to learn more about our new look and how it affects you!

We’re making it easier to use our website, anywhere

If you glance in our waiting room on any given day, we bet you’ll see patients on their phones. Smartphones have become a vital part of everyday life.

It’s never been easier to find what you need and find it instantly. With our new website, this is now the case as well. You may have noticed that our website is now easy to read on any device.

Because our new website is responsive, you get the best viewing option for your screen whether it’s your phone, desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

In the simplest terms, it means that you can use our site whenever you need it to find information about our services, directions, and financing options.

We value each patient and want to make sure our website is a resource and easy to use, not a frustrating experience!

Our website still has the same conveniences

Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. With our new website design, we’ve left many of the same conveniences that you’ve gotten used to.

These include requesting appointments online, our contact form, ordering contacts, and the patient portal.

We know that calling during our office hours isn’t always easy, especially if you work a 9-5 job. But our website makes it easy to schedule your appointment online, day or night.

Need to update or access your information? You can log into our secure patient portal.

Need to pay a bill? With our online bill pay feature, you can pay through the website. No more waiting for your check to get to us and take days to clear.

Besides keeping the most convenient features, we’ve listed them on a tab that stays on the screen and moves with you through the site, so it’s always easy to find.

This gives you another way to navigate through our site in addition to the drop-down menus at the top and links throughout the website.

Remember when we talked about the conveniences of having a responsive design? Take a look at our new site on your phone! You’ll notice that everything you need is front and center and mobile friendly!

No more having to pinch and zoom to see things, or hope your fingers clicked the right tiny drop down. The website resizes automatically to whatever size device it’s viewed on. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Order your contacts in seconds

When we first designed our old website, it was modern and functional for the time. But as technology has become sleeker and faster, our website needed to catch up!

Now ordering contacts on our website takes only seconds!

There are at least three easy paths you can take to access our order contacts online page. Once you’re there, you’re instantly taken to our secure online web store!

We know that your time is valuable, so we’ve kept our patients in mind to create the fastest and easiest way to help you order what you need.

Everything you need to know about LASIK

If you’re ready to leave your glasses and contact behind, it may be time for LASIK!

LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures, but it’s a big decision. Where do you even begin?

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of the conversation and wonder if you qualify as a LASIK candidate. Try our LASIK self-test on for size! It’s a short form with a few questions asking about your lifestyle needs. From there, we can gather information and decide if you’re a good LASIK candidate.

The form only takes a few minutes to fill out, if that. It’s quick, easy, and one of our LASIK coordinators will get back to you once we have your results. All you have to do is answer the phone and schedule your LASIK consultation! It’s a lot easier and faster than putting in your contacts every morning, that’s for sure.

For more information about the LASIK procedure, please visit our LASIK section of the website where you can learn more about the procedure, LASIK alternatives, our state-of-the-art technology, and our dedicated surgeons.

Find out more about our LASIK financing options

So you took our LASIK self-test and have scheduled your LASIK consultation. You’re probably wondering if you can even afford LASIK. After all, a life-changing procedure like LASIK can’t possibly be affordable, right?

Wrong! Laurel Eye Clinic offers Care Credit, North America’s leading patient healthcare financing program. With Care Credit, you can break expensive procedures down into manageable monthly payments.

Yes, you can break LASIK into monthly payments! If you can pay off your LASIK procedure with monthly payments and qualify as a LASIK candidate, what’s stopping you?

Research our services and procedures

Even if you’re not considering LASIK, there may be procedures that you need information on. For patients diagnosed with glaucoma or cataracts, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of questions.

Did you know that our website is easy to read, even if you have cataracts? On every page of the website, you’ll notice a toggle button on the left side.

The first changes the site to become high contrast. For people with poor vision or a lack of contrast vision, this can make it easier to read and understand.

Directly below the high contrast toggle, there’s another button. It looks like two T’s and helps make the font size bigger or smaller. For patients with cataracts, they may be unable to see smaller fonts.

This way, our website is truly accessible to all our valued patients! With these two options on our website and on all devices, you can access our website anywhere at any time.

Laurel Eye Clinic in Altoona, PA is always available

Whether you’re exploring our website or calling for an appointment, we’re available! That’s one thing that will never change because our patients are our priority.

We’re known in the community for being a comprehensive eye care practice for the whole family!

Ready to become part of our family? Schedule your appointment with Laurel Eye Clinic in the Altoona area today!