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The Laurel Eye Clinic is dedicated to being the leader in Ophthalmology by providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and related services. In so doing, we are committed to upholding the highest of ethical standards and place patient satisfaction above all else. From the simplest personal interaction to the most complex technologic procedure, every facet of our practice will serve to achieve this goal.

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Cataracts are a normal part of aging. The older you get, the more likely you are to develop a cataract. Although cataracts may seem frightening, advancements in technology have made cataract surgery one of the safest and most successful surgeries in the United States today.

The Laurel Eye Clinic offers the most advanced options to customize your vision after cataract surgery. We offer customization that is based on your individual lifestyle. Our team of premier cataract surgeons will help you decide which lens option is best for you.

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LASIK eye surgery is a refractive surgical procedure for the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and/or astigmatism. LASIK is technology’s most advanced laser procedure. To date, LASIK is the most accurate, rapid, and painless vision correction method we have ever been able to offer our patients.

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Routine eye exams are crucial to maintaining healthy vision. Some eye conditions and diseases don't show any symptoms or signs until severe damage has been done. Visit one of our many locations throughout Pennsylvania and schedule an appointment today!

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