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Tim Bainey Jr. – Professional Racecar Driver (LASIK)

As a professional race car driver, vision is of the utmost importance. Not only is being able to see clearly and in-focus important, but peripheral vision, field of depth, and dependability ranks pretty high.

I wore contacts (corrective lenses) in the past, but problems like dry eyes, temporary blurred vision in an eye (when you blink), and things like that were a constant problem. And when you add to it the 100+ degree temperatures that we experience inside these cars for 2-3 hours straight, airflow through the car, sweat (perspiration) getting into my eyes, and plain eye fatigue got to be tiresome. That’s when I turned to the Laurel Eye Clinic.

The first thing that impressed me was the great staff, from the moment I walked in they were friendly, helpful, and went out of their way to make sure that I was 100% comfortable and under-standing of the Lasik Surgery Procedure.

The process was easy. After a successful 30 minute appointment to see if I was a good candidate for the surgery, I was setup with another consultation as part of the pre-surgery procedure. The day of my surgery I was in and out in about an hour, the surgery itself took about 40 seconds – the rest of the time was in prep and about 20 minutes in the recovery area.

The healing process was amazing, I actually drove back for my post-surgery checkup the next day! But I was careful and fol-lowed their orders, wearing the sunglasses they provided me with for the next few days, I had to put drops in each eye about 5 times a day for the first week. After that we changed to wet-ting drops that were used over the next 2 months , just as a pre-caution to keep my eyes from drying out.

Now – I’m out on the track every weekend, my vision better than I can ever remember (I wore contacts or corrective lenses since I was in 4th grade). No contacts, no glasses, no blurred vision, eye drops, tired eyes, red eyes, or any of those other hassles than anyone who has ever needed corrective lenses or contacts can relate too.

Melissa Bettwy – (Refractive Lensectomy)

I have to tell you the Laurel Eye Clinic has changed my life. For years, I had to wear contacts and glasses simultaneously. I had been told that LASIK would help me see distances, but I would still have to wear my glasses for up-close vision. That didn’t seem like a winning situation, so I didn’t do it.

That all changed when the doctors at the Laurel Eye Clinic told me about ReZoom lens implants. I had the procedure and today my vision is perfect. If I would have went anywhere but Laurel Eye, I would have been nervous. The doctors and staff at the Laurel Eye Clinic make you feel so comfortable, explain things, so you understand them and most importantly, the doctors are world renowned, so I knew I was getting the best doctors around. I would recommend the Laurel Eye Clinic to everyone!

Pam Miller (Refractive Lensectomy)

Word of mouth advertising is truly the best means of advertising. Let me tell you from my experience. My friend and co-worker Melissa Bettwy told me about the amazing results that she had with her ReZoom lens implants at the Laurel Eye Clinic. I saw it first hand and decided to see if ReZoom was an option for me. My results were incredible. I couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome. Do yourself a favor and check into vision correction at the Laurel Eye Clinic and you could have the same amazing results that Melissa and I have.

More Testimonials:

Kind, caring, very reassuring. Great explanations. Excellent results on both cataract surgeries. Kudos to excellent staff members. Thank you to the OR staff. They give personal attention. I never felt like a number.
– Janis M.

“I chose the Laurel Eye Clinic because of word of mouth recommendations. Many friends and co-workers told me of their excellent experiences. Also, I was told many times that the Laurel Eye Clinic was second to none. The results were amazing! My driving at night has improved, and the little things you take for granted when you see is amazing. For example, now I have no problem reading labels in the grocery store, reading road signs, going to the movies, etc. It was an awesome experience and I should have had it done years earlier.”
– Paul W. Burns

“It’s great to just get up in the morning and go, not to mention how freeing it is to jump on a jet ski or in my kayak and not worry about glasses or losing a contact. Even the small tasks like gardening or taking my dog out are so great! I have never been able to see so clearly – even with glasses. Never in my wildest imagination could I foresee the vision I have now. The staff was so amazing! I thank everyone every time I go in! I could never say how grateful I am for having not only knowledgeable, but truly caring people to put my trust in. I would honestly have my eyes done again in a heartbeat. IT IS WONDERFUL!!”
– Trish Morningstar

“After meeting with the staff I was positive that this was the office where I would feel most comfortable to have my procedure done. Now I can see as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. No more dry eyes and having to take my contacts out. Thank you to everyone from the secretarial staff all the way through to the doctors. I wish I would have had this procedure sooner rather than later in life.”
– Brenda Fluke

“Getting my vision back has been a life changing experience. This is something I haven’t had since I was very young. I chose the Laurel Eye Clinic because of their proven track record, knowledgeable staff, and the fact that you are treated very well as a patient. Everyone treated me very well during the entire process. From the pre-operative exams to the post-surgery treatment, the office and surgery staffs were great.”
– Carl Sorg

“Great experience here getting prepared for LASIK. They explained everything very well and were great to work with while going thru my consultation prior to my decision to have the surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Mclaughlin explained step by step what was going on. Although I was very nervous, he helped calmed me down from where I was at anxiety-wise. After my surgery, so far everything has been great. I can’t say enough good about my experience so far. I’m so glad I chose the Laurel Eye Clinic.”
Ray Milliard

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