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Are you one of the millions of people who wear glasses or contacts? Would you like to see clearly without them?

Glasses can break, styles become dated, or are just inconvenient while contacts can be a significant annual expense. So, what about LASIK? Before you start listing excuses, check out these 4 reasons why getting LASIK at Laurel Eye Clinic is life changing!

Why should I get LASIK?

Any kind of procedure, including LASIK, can seem intimidating, and we get that. But there’s a lot of reasons why you should get LASIK.

For one thing, LASIK makes the tiniest things in life so much easier! Like:

● Swimming at the local pool? Way easier when you don’t need to rely on expensive prescription goggles.
● Sledding in the snow? No more worrying about your glasses flying off your face if you go too fast while sledding during a freezing Pennsylvania winter!
● Rolling out of bed when you’re running late? Contacts aren’t exactly the easiest to put in, especially when you’re in a rush. LASIK cuts minutes off your morning routine!
● Glasses fogging up constantly? After LASIK, you won’t need to worry about glasses anymore!
● Looking good in pictures? Wearing glasses makes taking pictures way more difficult than it needs to be. Say adios to the glare from your lenses!

There are millions of other reasons why LASIK is worth it. But even if you want LASIK, are you a good LASIK candidate?

Who is a good LASIK candidate?

Like any surgical procedure, you need approval before undergoing LASIK. There are a lot of factors that go into LASIK candidacy, but these are some of the most important ones:

● you can’t get LASIK before you’re 18 because your eyes are still changing
● you need to have a stable prescription that hasn’t changed in at least a year
● you need to be in good health and able to heal at a normal rate
● you need to have eye conditions like dry eye under control before getting LASIK
● you need to have thick enough corneas

glasses altoona1. LASIK means no more hunting for your glasses & better late study sessions

When it comes to convenience, glasses and contacts are anything but! How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and can’t find your glasses? The struggle is real, especially when you’re still half asleep and blindly searching.

Or how about trying to pull a long study session or an all-nighter while you’re wearing your contacts? If you wear contacts daily, you know that wearing them for anything over 8 hours can be uncomfortable.

If you leave them in as you try to study all night, your eyes will become irritated. They’ll either be too dry and make looking at your textbook impossible or they’ll get watery. Either one means you’re distracted instead of focusing on your studies.

Now imagine how easy pulling an all-nighter is after you’ve had LASIK. Your eyes can clearly read the text. You won’t have to worry about where you put your glasses or how long your contacts have been in your eyes. Doesn’t this sound like a better solution?

contact lenses altoona2. Contacts are getting too expensive

If you’re considering LASIK, you’ve realized how expensive buying contacts has become. This is the case if you’re wearing daily contacts or monthly contacts.

Did you know that on average, buying contacts costs almost $300 per year? That’s if you’re buying contacts and replacing them every two weeks. The numbers only go up if you have contacts for astigmatism or dailies!

Imagine what you could do with $300 more per year! That adds up quickly.

You could take more road trips or #treatyoself to the finer things in life. Why are you spending so much on contacts when you don’t have to?

lasik financing altoona3. LASIK financing = affordable monthly payments that fit your budget

Maybe you’re starting to come around to the idea of LASIK since you wouldn’t need glasses or contacts. But you’ve heard that LASIK is expensive, right?

Here are the facts you’re missing: most people who get LASIK are using financing options to pay for any up-front costs.

How are they financing their procedures? We’re glad you asked! Laurel Eye Clinic in Altoona, Pennsylvania offers Care Credit to our patients.

With Care Credit, you can qualify for 24-month special financing! This makes LASIK affordable by splitting the cost into monthly payments. We also offer a special financing option through our local institution, S & T Bank.

With affordable financing options available, paying for LASIK just became a lot easier!

lasik vision surgery altoona4. What LASIK is really like

So now we know that LASIK is affordable and that it can make your life easier! But what is LASIK really like?

Before you can get LASIK, you need to schedule a LASIK consultation. At your LASIK consultation, you’ll undergo several tests and exams.

The thickness of your cornea will also be measured to make sure it’s safe for you to have LASIK. If you’re a candidate, we’ll set a date for your procedure.

On the day of your LASIK procedure, you shouldn’t wear any makeup or perfume. You should also wear comfortable clothes.

Before LASIK, you’ll get numbing eye drops in both eyes. The procedure is fast and only takes about 15 minutes per eye and about 30 minutes to complete!

Once cleared, you’ll be able to go home. Because of the numbing eye drops, you’ll need someone to drive you home. When you get home, it’s best to lie down in a dark room, since your eyes will be more sensitive to light.

Recovering from LASIK is short and sweet. The day after LASIK, you should be able to go back to work comfortably. Avoid any strenuous activities the first week, as well as wearing makeup.

You’ll need several follow up appointments to make sure your eyes are healing as they should be. Most patients who undergo LASIK end up with 20/20 vision, if not better! It’s no surprise then that LASIK has a 96% success rate with patients who have had it!

Ready to have your life changed? Schedule your free LASIK consultation at Laurel Eye Clinic in Altoona today!