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LASIK is a vision correction procedure used to fix common refractive errors that make you need contacts and glasses. It has been delivering impressive results since it got FDA approval.

But that doesn’t mean researchers aren’t continually improving the process. And that doesn’t mean that the eye surgeons at Laurel Eye Clinic don’t use new technology because we were getting good results before.

We are always looking for better ways to help you get the best vision of your life. That’s why we use Contoura Vision for our LASIK procedures.

Contoura Vision gives us even more control over LASIK procedures. Extra control gives you a custom LASIK procedure and better results than other LASIK technology.

Is LASIK With Contoura Vision Better Than Standard LASIK?

LASIK is a pretty straightforward procedure and has been since it gained approval. But improvements can always improve patient outcomes.

One recent LASIK improvement has been topography-guided LASIK which Contoura Vision uses.

Contoura Vision gives you clearer vision after the procedure and fewer side effects. That’s because the system takes measurements of your cornea before the reshaping process and creates a topographical map of it.

This map guides your surgeon during the procedure while they reshape your cornea. The technology takes twenty-two thousand unique measurements of your cornea in a matter of seconds.

This information then produces the procedure map. No two corneas are alike, so the map guiding your procedure is only for the single eye your surgeon is working on.

That way, your surgeon can remove tissue from exact locations and in precise amounts. No excess tissue gets taken out, and the wrong spots don’t get touched by the laser.

Older LASIK technology used static snapshots of your eyes to guide the procedure. These were effective and an improvement at the time of development.

But Contoura Vision is a step above that. The images it produces of your eyes are more dynamic than other technology. They give your surgeon a more in-depth three-dimensional map of your eyes.

What Are The Benefits of Contoura LASIK?

Contoura Vision gives your surgeon custom precision which produces better results for you. It also allows more people to get LASIK.

Contoura Vision allows people with higher degrees of astigmatism to get LASIK than with other technology. More extreme corneal abnormalities are now treatable because of the topography-guided system.

If you couldn’t get LASIK with different technology, Contoura Vision may allow you to get LASIK now. Also, the high degree of custom precision Contoura Vision provides produces fewer common LASIK side effects.

Even after standard LASIK, some patients experience glare, halos, and starbursts when looking at bright lights. Others experience difficulty reading and light sensitivity.

If you’re trying to read or perform a detailed task in the wrong kind of light, these side effects can be frustrating. When doing things like driving, they can be dangerous. Contoura Vision significantly reduces these post-LASIK aberrations.

Other technology may give you clear vision, but it could cause visual side effects. Contoura Vision can give you crisp, detailed sight without the post-procedure symptoms.

Would you like crisp, detailed vision without the hassles of glasses or contacts? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Laurel Eye Care in Mercer, PA, to see if you qualify for this life-changing procedure.

Even if you didn’t qualify for LASIK at a different practice, you might be able to get it with Contoura Vision. Don’t get LASIK with any other technology. Give your eyes the best possible treatment they can get with Controua Vision!

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