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Utilizing the latest technological advancements in laser technology, the Laurel Eye Clinic can now offer our patients a Bladeless LASIK experience that provides an unprecedented level of precision in an effort to obtain the highest quality of post-operative vision possible.

The Ziemer FEMTO LDV™ Laser represents a new level of excellence in flap creation with a femtosecond laser. Using its’ ultra-fast, tightly focused, low energy laser beam, microscopic bubbles are created precisely at the intended depth within the cornea. This laser treatment causes the layers of the cornea to separate thereby creating a LASIK flap of the desired thickness, size, orientation and location, unique to each patient’s needs. Unlike other femtosecond lasers, the bubbles created by the FEMTO LDV disappear immediately after the flap is lifted, creating a smoother surface and allowing the next step of the procedure to begin without any waiting time.

This tremendous level of control and customization makes our Bladeless LASIK experience more precise, speeds visual recovery and contributes to better and more predictable visual outcomes.

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