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Are you frustrated by the idea of dealing with glasses and contacts during another summer? If you’re a good LASIK candidate, this may be the summer you can finally achieve visual freedom. 

It may seem early to start thinking about summer, but you can enjoy your best one yet with a bit of planning! If you’re considering LASIK vision correction, the best thing you can do is schedule your LASIK consultation and procedure now. 

Getting LASIK now leaves you plenty of time to recover and look forward to a summer for the record books! Keep reading for five reasons why getting LASIK now will let you have your best summer ever! 

Before You Can Get LASIK, You Need a Consultation

Before you can have LASIK, one of the most important steps is your consultation. You can only get LASIK if you’re deemed a good LASIK candidate.

There are a lot of factors that go into LASIK candidacy, but these are some of the more common ones:


You need to be at least 18 years old before you can have LASIK. If you’re younger, wait a few years, as LASIK is only FDA-approved if you’re 18 or older.

Prescription Stability

For LASIK to be successful, you need to have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for at least a year or more. If your eyes are still changing, LASIK won’t give you the desired results.

You and Your Eyes are Healthy

Another LASIK candidacy factor is having healthy eyes and being in good health. If you have autoimmune conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, or lupus, these may mean you can’t get LASIK.

Besides being healthy, your eyes also need to be in good shape. That means no preexisting eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration.

If you have dry eyes, you’ll need to have them under control and managed before having LASIK. For some, this may mean waiting to have the procedure.

Not Currently Pregnant or Nursing

Pregnancy causes your hormones to fluctuate, which can even affect your eyes. The best thing you can do is wait to have LASIK until you’ve finished nursing. Waiting at least three months after completing nursing will ensure that your eyes are stable and have returned to your usual prescription.

Thick Enough Corneas

LASIK works by reshaping your cornea. If your corneas are too thin, getting LASIK can result in unstable vision or other complications. Even if you can’t have the procedure because of thin corneas, you may qualify for another vision correction procedure like PRK instead.

These are only some factors that your eye doctor will consider during your LASIK consultation. Even if you think you’ll qualify for LASIK, a consultation is still necessary.

Your First Summer with LASIK

Congratulations on qualifying for LASIK! You’re choosing to have the best summer ever by scheduling your LASIK procedure in the spring. 

By the time warmer weather rolls around, you’ll have the kind of vision that you’ve dreamed of your whole life! Thanks to LASIK’s rapid recovery, you don’t have to worry about your eyesight holding you back anymore. 

Instead, you can be spontaneous and free when participating in your favorite summer activities. How does LASIK make your summer better? Here are 5 things you’ll love even more after vision correction!

1. Go Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, and Even Deep-Sea Diving

Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are pretty incredible. But once you’ve had LASIK, say goodbye to the frustrations of not being able to see underwater. 

Even if you wear contact lenses (which you shouldn’t do, especially in a pool with chlorine), you risk your eyes getting irritated. Having LASIK is one of the easiest ways to see everything in crisp and clear detail.

Your vision will always be sharp and incredible, whether taking a dip or getting out after swimming all afternoon. After all, goggles become easier to wear when you can see using your own eyes. 

2. Stay Up as Late as You Want on Warm Summer Nights

Out late at dinner or a club, or don’t want the night to end? You don’t have to hurry home because of your contacts. 

Rather than wondering how you’ll safely transport your contacts, you’ll be able to see without visual aids. If you’ve ever wished that the night could keep going, LASIK will allow you to enjoy every minute of those precious summer nights. 

3. Enjoy a Lazy Afternoon and a Midday Nap

Whether it’s a chaise lounge on a breezy porch, on a towel spread out on the sand at the beach, or in a hammock under a shady tree, your contacts will never stick to your eyes while napping again. Summertime naps are some of the best ways to spend a day to yourself, but it’s easier said than done with glasses and contacts.

If you fall asleep while reading with your glasses on, you could damage them or break them. Contact lenses aren’t meant to be slept in either, meaning you need to find a case and solution to take your contacts out before napping.

Taking so many steps to keep your eyewear safe removes the spontaneity from a summer nap. Once you have LASIK, sit back, relax, and drink in each moment without boundaries to hold you back.

4. Take Workouts to the Next Level without Trying

Love working out? Many fitness lovers prefer running and exercising during the summer. 

One benefit of getting LASIK is that it instantly (after you’ve recovered) makes working out a lot easier. It means no more glasses or contacts to contend with. 

Whether your glasses are sliding down your nose every five minutes or your eyes get too dry because of your contacts, being physically active isn’t easy with visual aids. You can take your workouts to the next level without any extra effort when you get LASIK. 

5. Enjoy the Moment, No Matter What the Situation

Relishing summer is all about taking things as they come. But this is easier said than done when you feel like your visual aids are holding you back from being your best self.

People that get LASIK can finally do what they want when they want. They can do it all while enjoying 20/20 vision or better as well! 

Before, sea spray in your face and sand blowing off the beach while on vacation could impact your vision, and not in a good way. Now, your eyes won’t get too dry or feel sensitive due to contact lenses. 

Thanks to LASIK, you can see everything as it was always meant to be seen. Pack a bag, travel light, go camping in a tent or sleep out under the stars. See it all with clear, sharp vision that you can 

With all the benefits LASIK offers, it’d be a shame to let another summer fade into fall without choosing improved vision and a more carefree, adventurous lifestyle. Choose LASIK this spring for a summer you’ll never forget. 

Ready to find out if you’re a good LASIK candidate this spring? Schedule your LASIK consultation with Laurel Eye Clinic at one of our convenient locations spread throughout Western and Central PA! 

What do you have to lose except your old way of seeing the world?