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Dropless Cataract Surgery

 In an effort to improve our patients’ experience with cataract surgery, we offer patients the option of having cataract surgery performed in such a way that most patients no longer need to take eye drops before or after surgery.

This  procedure is called “Dropless Cataract Surgery.” In Dropless Cataract Surgery, a medicine called Tri-Moxi is placed in the eye at the time of surgery. Tri-Moxi is a combination of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory which is absorbed by the eye over the next month, providing patients the benefit of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines without needing drops.

Dropless Cataract Surgery:

  • Is low risk
  • Eliminates drops for most patients
  • Has a low rate of infection and retinal swelling (similar to drops)
  • Dramatically simplifies the postoperative regimen
  • Reduces the chance of side effects from eye drops
  • Can save patients hundreds of dollars in eye drop expenses

Should you and your surgeon decide to proceed with Dropless Cataract Surgery, drops will not be needed before surgery. Most patients will also not need drops after surgery; however, a small percentage will need an anti-inflammatory eye drop if inflammation develops after surgery.